Keepin' It Real At Katcher In Their Eye

Imagine growing up with a name like Katcher. When we played sports, I was taunted with “catch her Katcher” or “catch her if you can.”  And then there was JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye required reading for all students.       So when I sat down with designer Tom Ventress to discuss a look for my new company, I was a little reticent when he asked if he could have some fun with the name.

But when he showed me this concept for "Katcher in their Eye," I cracked up.  What a great, memorable play on words that explained what I do.  “Eye catching” literally means seizing or attracting attention.  Not just in a graphic context, but throughout your communications and marketing. What client doesn’t want to be seen by its target audience.

That’s exactly what I do for my clients:  Help them develop or fine-tune their messages to ensure they are clear, concise, and relevant to their stakeholders.  Then, make sure they are strategically and effectively delivering those messages to achieve their goals. And, when they could or do face a situation that puts them in the public eye —in a way that might disrupt business or blemish their community reputation— my three decades of experience managing crises will help them find the eye in the storm.

Catcher in the Rye dealt with complex aspects of the human experience: identity, belonging, connection. Many scholars assert that by the novel’s end, its protagonist Holden Caufield has matured,  Some might say communicating on behalf of complex organizational dynamics and issues  lends itself to a “mature” perspective that relate to the same areas that were [in a literary sense, obviously] important to Salinger: brand identity, partner and vendor relationships, workforce talent retention, community reputation.  So, I invite you to subscribe to Katcher in Their Eye and enjoy my musings on business, communications, marketing, and life in general.