Crisis Communications is a Bottom-line Issue.

“They did what?!”

If your organization hasn't encountered a crisis yet—just give it time. In today’s business environment, many decisions and circumstances have the potential to generate crises. Vendor or business relationships, data breaches, management policies and human resources are just some of the “handle with great care” areas. Katcher provides:

  • Crisis Communications Planning—a customized crisis plan to help your team identify crises before they “explode” and manage those that do in a way that minimizes disruption and damage to your business.
  • Crisis Training—familiarize your Crisis Management Team with the plan and to help them recognize when and how it should be implemented.
  • Crisis Counsel—when that crisis hits, we serve as counsel on your Crisis Management Team.
  • Post crisis evaluation—conduct a post-crisis “Monday-morning quarterback” session to help your team move beyond the crisis and be better prepared for the next one.

Keeping Health Care Businesses Healthy

Is your message clear? Does your marketing work? Is it measurable?

Let Katcher Strategic Communications lend a strategic eye to your marketing and public relations efforts to ensure success. Put our three decades of health care communications to work for you. We provide:

  • Message mapping—whether your existing messages need review and tweaking, or you need to start from scratch, a clear, consistent message platform is the key to successful communications.
  • Communications/marketing assessment—based on your business goals and objectives, we review and analyze existing plans, strategies and tactics to help you determine what is most effective, what is not and how to do more of what works.
  • Strategic communications planning—whether you are a start up that needs a “from the ground up” strategic communications/marketing plan or an existing company that needs its plan overhauled or simply tweaked, Katcher will lead the planning process and build a results-driven plan to reach your business goals.
  • Interim director of communications/marketing services—not ready for a full time marketing director? Need some interim help while you look for one? Katcher can help.